Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lavender Fields Forever

The other day i found myself in need of a little field trip. Not your typical school bus- museum- type trip, but a real field trip.
Hello, my name is Gaia, and i like to look at fields. There, now you know. I like farms, fields, woodlands, vista's {my favorite word-of-the-day } There is some of the most beautiful land stretching throughout Northern Michigan.
So, that being said, imagine my surprise when out for a drive the other day, i'm moseying along-green hills, green fields, green vista's, and BAM! Purple!

A lavender farm!It looks like someone spread a huge purple blanket across the ground.Welcome to Lavender Hill Farms of Horton Bay, Michigan.

They have been growing lavender here since 2003, and have over 25 varieties of lavender.

The lavender is identified with signs on little white picket fences. Love that white lavender!
The most surprising part was that there isn't an overwhelming smell of lavender, just a subtle sweetness in the air.
What you do notice is the sound. Thousands of little bee wings singing in the sunshine. A constant hum of busyness.

Too busy to be bothered with me. Thank goodness!

The gift shop carries a beautiful assortment of handmade products and food stuffs. I had to try the Laundry Bar. With Ms.A at camp, i know she'll bring home an assortment of unidentifiable stains!I got the girls these handmade sachets for their closets.

And this yummy little number is all mine! It's a loofah filled with creamy lavender soap {it looks good enough to eat!}

If you're in the area, here's what you need to know to go!

Have a happy Thursday!

Go take a field trip ; )

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