Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Crafties

I can't help it.
I'm a sucker for it.
I love, love, love, it.
Why, the holidays, of course!
Now, if you were here last year at this time, you'd know that i don't decorate for Christmas. Don't look so shocked, just check out the archives!
Any hoo, i'd like to share this little craft with you!

I love the sheet music and glitter ornies at Pottery Barn, but i don't like their prices, so...i put together my own.

I cut some sheet music squares, a card board circle and a sheet music circle to cover it.

I rolled and glued the squares into tubes and pinched the ends.
Glue the tubes onto the circle

Continue until filled { yeah, got carried away with the glue gun }
Dab some glue on the ends and glitter your little heart out!
I added a rhinestone button to the middle.

Hang, and enjoy!

Have you been getting your glitter on???

Happy crafting!

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