Thursday, December 9, 2010


When you steal something from a store, it's called 'shop-lifting'.

When you steal a scrap booking idea, it's called 'scrap-lifting' .

When you see something in a store that is totally over price and crazy easy to make yourself and you wouldn't shell out good money for, it's called 'craft-lifting'. Anyway, that's my story and i'm sticking to it!

I was at my local craft/fabric store and saw a darling burlapy, blingy, buttony picture. Twenty bucks. Get.Out.Of.Here.

So i did.

Had this extra frame

Spray painted it in the garage {It's how we Mid-West girls roll in the winter} Hold your breath, point and spray, then run back in the house!Cover a piece of cardboard with craft bond and burlap

Grab your stash of rhinestones and buttons
And get gluing!
Let it dry, re-assemble and, ta-da! Holiday cuteness on the cheep!
Time to haul out the holiday decor and discover the treasures i picked up over the summer!

Happy Thursday!


  1. You make me laugh, too funny.... even us Northern Cali girls have to do the point, spray, run method sometimes. The Christmas tree is really cute. Thanks for sharing it!


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