Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet my leeetle friends

Here are a few of my leeetle snow friends i have been collecting over the years. I love these little paper mache snowmen! Some of their carrot noses and coal buttons have gone missing, but what can you expect when you're pushing fifty. ( There are many days i feel the same way!)
This little man was made in Germany in the 60's. Check out his lil' ear muffs!
This guy is stamped "Occupied Japan" on the bottom. He is probably my favorite...don't tell the others!
In 1959 this was a gift from my mother to my father. He's lost whatever it was that he was holding and his carrot nose has seen a lot of glue. Between you and me...this guy always kind of freaked me out when i was little. That could explain the nose issue!
The weather man is predicting snow for the next two days. Ooh, i hope he's right! I love that first blanket of snow. I know, i know, i'll be eating my words in a month, cursing the crusty white stuff and scrubbing salt off my boots, but for now...


  1. Your Snowmen are adorable! How wonderful that these special treasures are still around!

    I hope you get your snow wish the mountains here in California are covered in snow...the view is stunning!

    Thank you for your kind comments, I adore you!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog...loved your comment about snow peeps and their cool ride. Great collection of snowmen!


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