Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! It seems just the other day we were celebrating 2009 at a friends house eating great homemade Italian food, sipping our stoli doli's and cleaning up barf. Yea, good times. Ms. B had just eaten a hearty portion of gnocci when she started feeling 'funny'. Thank goodness she had enough sense to head to the bathroom where she proceeded to decorate the room with Agnes' wonderful gnocci. Poor kid had a seven year puke-free ride until that night. We welcomed in 2009 and the stomach flu. Blech.
Hopefully this years celebration will be different (oh please let it be different!) Tomorrow we start by saying good bye to my best friends father. A sweet man of 80 years, husband, father, grand father and friend. You'll be missed Ike. xoxo. Then tomorrow night we'll get together with a few neighbor families for a little well deserved rowdiness and fun! Whoo hoo! O.K. so in past years i've made a lame attempt at New Years resolutions (never keeping them) and have decided that this year NO lists of things i'll never do. So this means i get to keep that extra twenty pounds i can never seem to loose and never figure out all the settings on my camera. Catch up on scrap booking? Nah, pressure's off! Become a better wife, mother, friend? Honey, that's just part of everyday growth. Cut back on Diet Coke? Ack! I couldn't be that great wife, mother or friend without it! Don't be silly! Every day has room for improvement, baby steps. Why pressure ourselves to do it all in one big crazy list? I hope this coming year finds you happy, healthy and resolution free! Happy New Year!

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