Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Holiday's!

Happy Holiday's lovelies! I've neglected my bloggy duties for such a long time, that I actually had to read the tutorials on how to post! Many things have changed in the past few years, the little girls  are now big girls, we lost our sweet Rylee to lymphoma, we've remodeled, traveled to Israel a few times, lost and gained the same 20 pounds (ugh), and celebrated several mile stones. Through out all the time that has passed though, I've still tried to keep up with all of your blogs, instagram photo's, and sweet emails. We all get busy, wrapped up in the chaos of daily life. In the coming year I really want to make a conscience effort to slow down. Give more. Appreciate more. Feel more. Time just passes way too fast, my friends. Go hug your babies, no matter how big. Eat that extra cookie, take that belly dancing class, just go! Do it! Live life to the fullest. Happy holiday's. I'm going to go eat a cookie now ; )

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  1. Beautiful..
    Hope your Spring is coming along well


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