Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Design Stuff

Hi there! I've been scouring design sites, getting ideas for our northern nest, and came across a couple some fun design stuffies.

This is cool, but might creep out the kids.

I LOVE this table...just don't have room for it. Both are from Get Back Inc.
I might actually have to have this
and this, too. Both from the RSH catalog.
This might be Pottery Barn...or RHS, can't remember {sorry!} Isn't it dreamy?

More from RSH
But my favorite by far is this swing from Victorian Trading. Now i just need a tree!

Happy random designing!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday's Finds

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Mine was busy playing house. I drove up to the up north house {i need a better name for it than that!} and spent the weekend making up beds and loading in supplies. It was heaven♡
I did manage to sneak in a couple of estate sales on the way home. Oh! and i discovered Hobby Lobby! How come you never told me how a-maz-ing this place was? O. K maybe you did, and i just wasn't paying attention.
I couldn't pass up this darling silhouette. Too sweet!

Then there was this awesome stool. A little paint ,and she's perfect for my kitchen.

More stuff i couldn't pass up. The reamer is going up north for lemonade this summer, and you already know how much i love these vintage books! These old tags are worthy of printing. I'll scan them soon, so you can snag a copy for yourself!

Two enameled bowls that have seen better days- more reason to love them.

Keys, keys, keys.
Nuf said.

But the best for last! This beautiful ironing board. And to make it even sweeter... it was only 12 dollars. Yup, i got it on the last day of a sale at 50% off. Love it even more.

I was thinking it would make a great sofa table for behind this couch. Load it up with photo's, books, and vintage junkies { Sorry for the poor quality iphone photo} This is our family room up north. It's a nice open room off the kitchen, with a stone fireplace and amazing views of the water. This darling screen door welcomes you right in.

When i walked in the kitchen, i was greeted with these homemade candles. Our painter and his wife make them together!. They're soy, and smell wonderful.
I cant wait to get back up there and play some more! Next time i'll bring the good camera and will be able to share with you what we're working on.

Tomorrow we leave with Ms. A and her forensics team, for Dallas, Texas, for their National Forensics Tournament. Think it's gonna be a little warm...and busy...and nerve racking. But fun!

Happy Monday to you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chalkboard Wisdom

The inspiration gremlins have been putting in their two cents again. Found this written on my chalkboard last night.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Good Monday!
Confession: I'm kinda of a Monday person. Yep, there it is, i like Monday's.
I like the fresh start of the week. Sort of a clean slate. Don't hate me.
This morning i took a walk through the yard {it's a bit less swampy today} and was almost knocked over by these iris's.

Yesterday when i was out here, they hadn't opened up yet. What a nice surprise!

We have a nesting Robin in our arbor up front. Every time i pull the car in or out, she swoops out of her nest. I tried to catch some pictures of those fuzzy bird heads. I took these from my car- they're not great, but you can see a little beak sticking out!

The chaos keeps building in our dining room, with all the stuff i need to take Up North this week to the new house.

Found these cute tables at an estate sale a few weeks ago. Already painted and chippy!

This is by far the most important item to go with me {and chocolate- who are we kidding}

That's my Mondayness, hope you have a good one!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travelin', Ramblin' and a Project

Ramblin': I know, i know- i've been a bad blogger. I'm the first to admit it! It's not for lack of thought, every where i've been, every picture i've taken, i've composed into a post in my head. Time has been my problem. And i think i just needed a break. Life's been crazy! The project: Sweet man and i finally closed on our dream get-away in Northern Michigan. We're so geeked- like little kids and their first play house! Planning, painting, shopping {i've never spent so much money at target at one time- ugh } I'll share some photo's when i go up in a couple weeks.
The travelin': Last week sweet man, Ms. B and i took Ms. A and three of her friends to New York for her bat Mitzvah present. These girls are so sweet and such a pleasure to travel with. : )

We stayed at the beautiful London Hotel

We walked, and shopped our socks off.

We took in two musicals. "Spiderman" and "Wicked". We took the tour, "Behind the Emerald Curtain" before we saw "Wicked" It was amazing!

We rode through central park,

and snacked our way through "Dylan's Candy Bar"


We took some time to reflect at ground zero

and viewed New York's beauty from the water.

As always, it's great to get away, but coming home is the best.

More ramblin': Our soggy Michigan spring has turned our yard into a swamp. I'm aching to get outside and do some gardening. The little sprouts i started inside are leggy and in need of some serious sunshine! School doesn't let out until the 21st- half the summer is already gone by that time! And now i think i'm hooked on "Extreme Couponing"! Have you seen this show? It's somewhere between hoarding and super saving...i'm still not sure it's healthy. Speaking of unhealthy, have you watched the Show Time series, "Shameless"? My new guilty pleasure. It makes me want to steal toilet paper. Weird, i know.

There, i think i'm done.

Happy Thursday!