Monday, June 6, 2011


Good Monday!
Confession: I'm kinda of a Monday person. Yep, there it is, i like Monday's.
I like the fresh start of the week. Sort of a clean slate. Don't hate me.
This morning i took a walk through the yard {it's a bit less swampy today} and was almost knocked over by these iris's.

Yesterday when i was out here, they hadn't opened up yet. What a nice surprise!

We have a nesting Robin in our arbor up front. Every time i pull the car in or out, she swoops out of her nest. I tried to catch some pictures of those fuzzy bird heads. I took these from my car- they're not great, but you can see a little beak sticking out!

The chaos keeps building in our dining room, with all the stuff i need to take Up North this week to the new house.

Found these cute tables at an estate sale a few weeks ago. Already painted and chippy!

This is by far the most important item to go with me {and chocolate- who are we kidding}

That's my Mondayness, hope you have a good one!

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