Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

That's about how i feel! Like i've been gone for-evah!
Ms.A became a Bat Mitzvah on Friday night. All her hard work {and my nagging!} payed off. She did a beautiful job leading the service and reading from the Torah. We partied afterwards till midnight, finally able to let go and relax!

This baby girl turned 13 last week

I don't even know when she became so grown up...

We spent an amazing weekend laughing and eating with our crazy family. Even the cherry tree cooperated in blooming right on time!

The candy tuff joined in, too.
I've been so consumed with finishing projects around the house, and i've been wanting to share with you a few of my favorites.
Our powder room is teeny. I've admired those little rooms that are made into jewel boxes forever and decided to begin a miniature gallery in ours. I started with this weird head {sorry it's sideways...just tilt your head...}

...and sprayed it 'Heirloom White"

I've been buying these little pictures at estate sales for the past year.
I'd love to eventually cover most of the wall with miniature pictures.

Remember these silhouettes? They cleaned up beautifully. I just adore the horse pictures.

When we reno'd this bath seven years ago, i painted it chocolate brown and stenciled a floral pattern in pearl paint. I was just at the point of wanting to re-paint it, but now i think it's a keeper!What do you think?

Gotta go catch up on everything you've been doing. I've got some blogs to read!

Happy Wednesday!

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