Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sneak Pink Peek

It started with a few pieces of boring mis-matched furniture...

and a can (or six) of 'Berry Pink' spray paint, and patiently waited for a day that wasn't too wet, rainy, windy, humid or sunny...

and began outdoor furniture make-over! Now i have to wait for another day that's not too wet, rainy, windy, humid or sunny to finish the other pieces! This may take a while. And a lot of spray paint. Some where in the heavens there is a small berry pink hole in the ozone ( right next to the one i created with hair spray in the 80's) with my name on it. I'm SO sorry ozone layer! I love you, i really do, but i love this pink furniture , too ♡

I'll post the pictures when it is all finished. Here is a little up-date on the old bunt pan i picked up at an estate sale a few weeks back- i drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom and made a planter out of it. Lovely! However, it leaves a rust stain on the deck. Not so lovely. Thus the plastic plate underneath. Eh, still think it's cute : )

Hope you 're having a great Thursday! And welcome to three new followers! Woo-hoo! Thanks for visiting my nest!

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