Thursday, May 20, 2010

Todays Treasures

My favorite sign of spring is seeing the return of garage sale signs!

Today i stopped at a couple and found these had-to-have treasures.

For as long as i can remember, i've wanted chickens. Big fluffy bottomed, egg laying girls. Several years ago i joined 4-H just so i could play with the animals. Crazy , i know. Our zoning laws won't allow us poultry (believe me, i've pestered the zoning board. They hide when they see me coming!) So for now, these two will have to do.
I un-earthed this picture frame from the back of someones garage. I love the silver detail around the glass. I'll probably end up painting it white (the wood, not the metal)
I think this is the prettiest picture hook i've ever seen! It's definitely going in my jewelry making box.

FEED ME! (Ha Ha Ha)

A set of 8 pretty glass dish/bowls

A future herb planter

Another beautiful rose bowl for my collection

And an assortment of stuff. It's always the little stuffs that i can't seem to do without! I've been collection old cork screws for the wine bar, i never pass up floral frogs, who doesn't need an old potato masher? The milk glass candle bobeches are a necessity, and i can always find a use for old black lace. So, you see? I really needed all this stuff! I know you get it.

Gotta scoot...need to find hiding places for all my treasures!

What have you found lately?

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