Monday, August 8, 2011

The Other Woman

There they were.

The two of them- in plain sight.

His hands were all over her. I should have known something was up by the smirk on his face. There was no shame, he held her like he owned her.

A couple days ago Sweet Man and i went back to the Petoskey antique show i told you about here.
It was our 22nd anniversary, and sweet man was hoping i'd find a little somethin'- somethin' to mark the occasion {translates into, ' after 23 years together, you are still a mystery to buy for' }

I'm good with this.
It works for us.

I only turned my back for a minute- and he was gone. When i came around the corner, there they were. Together.
I couldn't be happier for them. She's perfect! I love her!
Sweet Man does know what i like!

Needless to say, she had to come home with us ♡

This is no small woman.
You could say babies got back.

From her nipped in waist

to her curvaceous legs

I love her all. We even wear the same size. Who knew?

He sure knows how to pick 'em

We had to play a little dress-up

She totally rocks this apron

{I suppose i could have pulled out the iron before taking these pictures...but i knew you'd understand} ; )

I think it's love.
Thank you Sweet Man for 22 blissful years.
Thank you for really listening when i thought you weren't
Thank you just for being, my Sweet Man.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi-Ho Cherry Oh!

Oh, just look at 'em!

Cherry goodness!
Don't they look delish?

It's nearing the end of cherry season in Michigan. The farmers market were over flowing with cherries a few weeks ago, and yes, i bought as many as i could.

Every roadside stand, every farmers market, we just can't get enough of them!

I've pitted cherries till my finger tips are raw. Now they're resting safely in the freezer till i need them for spiced cherry jam, cherry crumble, tarts and pies. Mmmm : )

I think cherries are my new bff...well, until the next crop comes in!

Happy Monday!