Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finches and Friends

All winter long, we've been feeding the finches. We hung a feeder in the tree outside the laundry room window, since i seem to spend a lot of time there. I keep binoculars nearby so i can zoom in on their beautiful colors. I hope the neighbors don't see me peeping out my window-probably wouldn't go over very well!

Yes, that's a dusting of snow in the background - snow has become a four letter word with me, lately- the bad kind of four letter word. We attract mostly golden finches, however every now and then we get a wine colored finch. See it on the left, there? Isn't it sweet?

Here is a shamelessly cute dog picture. See the paint can in the background? Proof that i'm actually working, not just taking cute pictures!

There's too much cuteness. And i'm not ashamed.

Max and Rylee made a new friend. Goodness knows where this little guy's been hiding all winter...actually, i don't want to think about it.

Rylee brought him over to introduce him to Max. "Max, allow me to introduce you to my new best friend, da bug. He is not a nom nom. He is my friend"

"Um, you're getting kind of close, bug friend"

"Eewie, ewie, ewie! Get this hideous thing off me!!! HEEEELP!!!"

Rylee's new best friend the bug now living happily in the garage amongst its own kind... we don't mention the word "bug" out loud anymore.

Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Got Girdles?

♫ We've got girdles, how 'bout you? ♪

♪ We've got girdles, we bought two! ♬

Ms. B and i, marched ourselves off to the Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Bloomfield Hills, MI this past weekend. It's our favorite. We've been going for years. Ms. A just isn't that into the vintage thang... she lives in the the Gaga-Glee-Bieber-i'vegotspongebobtowatch-now.

Any who, when we saw these vintage girdles, i knew they had to go home with us. { Yes, the minute we got home and in the door, we both tried on our finds...she looked darling in hers, and i...let's just say, it may become a daily addition to my wardrobe! }

Before we left for the show, i gave Ms.B a couple of victory rolls- isn't she cute? Gotta get your vintage on!

My vintage girl picked up this gen-u-ine bullet bra- it's the funniest thing i've ever seen! So pointy! I don't think she'll be wearing this out of the house. Just sayin'.

I bought this lacy bed jacket with the thought of tea dying it a bit. I think it would be cute with faded jeans, a velvet cami and cowboy boots.

Sweet 'lil bow closure ♡
Also, this dreamy robe.
So floaty and sheer.

But, the best find of all, is this mother of pearl carry-all. For years i've looked at these with lust in my heart- and dust in my wallet. For what ever reason, this one was just the right price and in fabulous shape. Woo hoo!

Inside is a mirror, a lipstick holder {never used}, a comb with pouch and a small tank for powder. If there ever was a powder puff, it doesn't live here anymore.

All the goodies inside.

The mirror swings down to reveal a stash for mad money...originally, probably used for cigarettes.
I love that this cutie has a wrist chain. So smarmy! on my arm-ie...oh, that was bad...

Now to find her a comfy spot to hangout, with the rest of the girls.

Thanks for sharing our awesome vintage day!

Got girdles?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Picks of the Season

You can smell it in the air! Estate sale season! Yeah, spring is on her way, but i don't think she's quite ready to commit. There is no stopping a good junkin' season. Last weekend i pryed myself away from my project list for a few hours, and found a cute little sale just waiting for me : )

I got this cute stash of dice for .50¢

I love old office supplies, too.

This old address book was a dollar. All the phone numbers start with letters- so "Leave It To Beaver"

This ledger isn't that old, but i love the fabric cover and the old clip board? i'll put that to good use for sure.
These books are the best! I own several and etiquette of the day never fails to amaze me. I wish we could bring some of that back...

...especially this chapter. I'M JUST SAYIN' !

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nightstand and Table Make-over

Last summer {good grief, last summer? } I started the re-do of Ms. B's bedroom.

{confession: It's still not finished, but it's close!}

We've had this little set of drawers in the family forever, and they've been every color of the rainbow. Time to change that.

Ta da! All done! Just kidding, this was such a messy project that i didn't get and in between photo's! I bought several yards of this fabric, knowing i'd use it somewhere else in her room, laid the dresser down in the fabric to make a sort of pattern. I cut out the pieces and painted Mod Podge on the dresser, pressed the fabric in place, and smoothed out the wrinkles. It really was easy, although really messy {let's not talk about the globs of Mod Podge in my hair. Ok? Ok.It's in it's temporary place next to her bed, soon to move into her closet to make way for the Ikea piece that i'm trying to put together without to much swearing : ) It's not a pretty process.

Here is another quick make-over the i made with one of those cheapie round tables that we've all had at one time or another.

I cut the legs down by about a third, then cut a piece of foam for the table top. Glued it on with spray glue- warning, don't do this inside without a drop cloth...don't ask me how i know, i just do...I covered the foam top with the fabric and stapled it down.

Trimmed it up, re-attached the legs, and made it a skirt.

I tacked the skirt on with silver upholstery tacks, and there she is!

This lil' stood cannot support the weight of a 14 year old girl, again, don't ask me how i know...i just do : ( However, it stands up just fine to the weight of books and clothes and anything else that's laying around...and there usually is

Hopefully soon i can show you the full reveal. It's on my list. Really!

Have a great weekend.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Butterbeer Love

Ever since we got home from Universal and sampled the magical sweetness of Butterbeer, Ms. B and i have been on a quest to find a recipe to make our own. Well, what we found on line, wasn't anywhere near as tasty as what we had sampled at Hogwarts. However, she did find this incredible recipe for Butterbeer cupcakes. Holy moly sister, i think i'm hooked!

The recipe is LONG and my typing skills are limited to the 'hunt and peck' style, so if you're interested, contact me and i'll print you off a copy!

After the cupcakes cool, you poke a hole in the center and pour in a butterscotch ganache.

Then top with a buttercream frosting. {confession- i ate a lot of the frosting. It was even better the next day for breakfast...lunch and dinner...}

Then you drizzle on the ganache. Oh, momma, just look inside...

Needless to say, they disappeared pretty quickly...and mysteriously re-appeared on my bee-hind! That's the magic of Hogwarts!

I have to go work out now. Like all day.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning

When i get it, i get it bad. The cleaning bug, that is. With Ms. A's Bat Mitzvah 8 weeks away, i've entered into the panic zone. Haven't dropped those twenty pounds yet {and it's not gonna happen any time soon!} nor have i gotten the kitchen painted yet. I've taken on really important projects like organizing my make-up and jewelry drawers! Hey, a lot can happen in 8 weeks!

I started with emptying everything out, tossing those ten neutral shades of lip gloss that all look the same and washed out the drawer bottoms and their contents. I used this darling scrap book paper to line my drawers.

I love these coordinating patterns. I have eight drawers all together, so i was able to use a different paper in every drawer.

Any time i see these glass dishes, i buy them up! They're great for holding brushes, eye shadow, jewelry, anything small you want to group together.

I can separate my make-up so i can find what i need { and i need it all!}

Yeah, i kind of got a thing for "Bare Minerals". The sundae dish holds these powders perfectly.

Small dishes hold my costume jewels, too.

Now that i've gotten that very important task out of the way, it's on to the kitchen. I did get Ms. A's invites in the mail though...that's something, right?

Have a great Monday!